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Since 2008, the title of CIO of The Year, awarded at ITnation's Golden-i evening, acknowledges the work of visionaries who have contributed their talent and leadership to the effort to create a more digital Luxembourg. The CIO of The Year award is a highly anticipated and coveted award that provides these leaders with the visibility they deserve. While it praises their work, it has also often served to confirm their approach and to take them onwards and upwards. 


Who's next?


Before wondering about the identity of the next CIO of The Year, who will be revealed next Thursday at the ninth edition of Golden-i, we would like to take a look at those who were given the award over the past years. 


In an increasingly digital economy, the CIO has become a key role for most companies. Making technology serve the interests of business, to help it move forward, has now become a necessity. The title of CIO of The Year enables CIOs, and more broadly the IT community in Luxembourg, to reward one of their own, a personality whose work, projects or career made a contribution to this essential assignment and to the digital transformation of the economy. 

The prize for CIO of The Year 2018 was awarded to Márton Fülöp, COO de Docler Holding.

Gilles Feith
Márton Fülöp
Docler Holding

The prize for CIO of The Year 2017 was awarded to Gilles Feith, CIO of CTIE. which provides centralized IT services for public administrations.
Before being nominated to his current position in March 2014, Gilles Feith first joined the Government IT center as deputy Director.
Prior to this, he held a number of management positions in the Luxembourg Ministry for Public Services, at "Post Telecom", and global accounting firms.
He graduated in commercial and financial sciences with a specialization in chartered accounting and has extensive experience working in ICT and Government related environments in both the operational and regulatory domains.

The prize for CIO of The Year 2016 was awarded to Guy Segalla, CIO of Nordea Bank. This award goes to an ambitious transformation of a major financial institution, from the core banking system to the transformation of its entire application portfolio. "We created a new bank, states Guy Segalla, before thanking the teams and partners involved in the project. This transformation, operated from Luxembourg, has allowed us to reduce the complexity of our systems while increasing efficiency, to better support the development of our business."

Guy Segalla
Nordea Bank
Pierre Zimmer

The 2015 CIO of The Year award mainly celebrated a career in the service of the technological transformation of the state apparatus. Pierre Zimmer was Director of the CTIE for many years, laying down the necessary foundations for the digitization of the state. In February 2014, he left the government to join POST Luxembourg, with the aim of contributing to the implementation of the group's transformation plan. The challenge he is currently taking on within POST Luxembourg is to make it an innovative stakeholder, making use of the possibilities offered by technology and above all the numerous ideas put forward by its teams. A fitting challenge for this discreet visionary able to initiate and support change.


Jean-Luc Martino was awarded the title of CIO of The Year 2014 for his work within Raiffeisen. In just two years, Jean-Luc Martino and his teams worked towards future-proofing the medium-sized cooperative bank. "This is a fantastic award", he said upon receiving the award, thanking his teams and his President, "for having made IT one of the bank's strongest assets". Jean-Luc Martino can also be proud of a long career as an IT Manager in Luxembourg. Jean-Luc Martino had the pleasure of seeing his title confirmed at European level when he was given the European CIO of the Year 2015 (CIONET International) award in the Medium Sized Business category.  


Jean-Luc Martino
Raiffeisen Bank
Eric Lippert
Lombard International Assurance​

CIO at Lombard International Assurance at the time, Eric Lippert implemented a project aimed at transforming the pan-European life insurance products provider's entire application portfolio. Shortly after receiving the award, Eric Lippert told ITnation that "although one always hopes to win such an award, I am surprised and delighted. I am touched by this award, as my team and I set up a great project, we have done beautiful things which have improved the company's IT services and which serve the business". Since then, Eric Lippert left Lombard and joined NPG Wealth Management, where he is currently setting up a transformation project that is at least as comprehensive.


Yves Baguet spent close to 20 years with Clearstream. His first challenge was ensuring Deutsche Börse Clearing System's integration with CEDEL to create Clearstream, putting IT in the service of the organisation's performance. In 2006, he was responsible for developing a brand new line of business, managed services in connection with financial professions, based on the group's infrastructures and expertise. This was undoubtedly one of the first financial BPOs developed for the financial market. This experience would lead him, after receiving the title of CIO of The Year, to head an ambitious banking BPO project in Luxembourg that resulted from a partnership between BIL and Avaloq. Although the project itself did not take off, the man remained convinced of the model's relevance. In February 2015, the BIL chose him to take the position of COO to provide his support in IT and operational matters. He implemented a strategic transformation plan, christened Ignite, aimed at propelling the BIL into a new digital era.


Yves Baguet
Benoit Wtterwulghe

Only a few rare IT managers have had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a bank from scratch. This was the assignment entrusted to Benoit Wtterwulghe, as COO of the Compagnie de Banque Privée (currently CBP Quilvest), created by Marc Hoffmann and Nobert Becker. In a context of development and crisis, CBP, launched in 2007, was able to rely on an information system designed to grow with the bank. It is Benoit Wtterwulghe's contribution to this project that resulted in him being awarded the title of CIO of The Year in 2011. In January 2012, content with the work done over the course of six years with CBP, he took on a new challenge. He is now CEO of AVLB Bank Luxembourg. A rare example of an IT manager who was entrusted with the assignment of leading a business. 



Over 25 years spent within the same company … Jean Hilger can be proud of a career of rare longevity within Luxembourg's ICT environment. As Senior Vice President, Head of Information Technology Department at the BCEE, he supported the digital transformation of one of the banking institutions most deeply rooted in Luxembourg's history. The State Bank was a pioneer in the development of web-banking and mobile-banking platforms and in the integration of mobile payment solutions. These advances earned Jean Hilger the recognition of the financial sector's IT manager community. The Luxembourg native is also invested in the digital transformation of his country's economy, and in particular that of its financial sector. He is an honorary professor with the SnT (Uni.lu), lecturing on the topic of "Secure and Compliant Financial Information Systems". He also recently took the lead of the ABBL's Digital banking and FinTech cluster in January 2016.



Jean Hilger
Thierry Delroisse

The second winner of the title of CIO of The Year 2009 contributed his IT skills to the BIL (DEXIA, from 2001 to 2012) for over 25 years. He gradually rose through the ranks, working on IT projects and ensuring the continuity of operations. "The Award had quite an effect within the company, and within the environment of IT professionals and CIOs. The bank's employees discovered a microcosm inside the financial sector's IT community within which projects and expertise were discussed and exchanged, leading to an award being given out", he told ITnation in 2013. "The CIO of the Year award is valuable advertising to the world of IT and its stakeholders". Since then, Thierry Delroisse left the BIL to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. He is currently the CEO of Mantaray Software.



The very first title of CIO of The Year was awarded to IT manager Philippe Paquay, member of the KBL epb Executive Committee. "This award recognises our team's hard work on IT and business projects over the course of ten years", said Philippe Paquay upon receiving the award. The Private Banking services that we offer abroad compete with local stakeholders. We provide them with support from the hub created in Luxembourg. The IT component is therefore essential in our strategy, as is the desire to deploy this excellence beyond Luxembourg." Philippe Paquay remained in office within KBL epb's Executive Committee until 2013, before considering new opportunities.


Philippe Paquay
KBL epb

The beautiful story of the ITnation Golden-i CIOs. 

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